About The Space

Eternal Eden is a Lightworker event space and health beverage bar with healing rooms for rent. We are a space with an Earthy metaphysical feel of sophisticated luxury. Come enjoy a complimentary cup of tea and explore our space to learn more about how we can host your next magickal event or client session.

Our Story


Founded in 2019 by Jake & Danielle LoPresti, and Matthew Koren, Eternal Eden was intentionally designed from the physical to the energetic to support ceremonies of awakening and healing. We wanted to create a safe, energetically held space for our Lightworker community.


About The People

Jake LoPresti

Jake LoPresti is a Ritual Master, Healer, and Guide in the Modern Mystery School.  His focus is directed towards helping people to move past limitations within themselves that they may either be aware or unaware of to allow them to empower themselves to live a more fulfilled life in their authentic nature and true power.  He has overcome a lot of adversity in his life in the way of emotional and mental health and now with the tools from the Mystery School and his own personal life experience he helps others to reclaim their power and overcome their blockages to open up more intimately to themselves.  

Danielle LoPresti

I think a lot of us know deep down that we have a greater purpose than the life we are living out. I felt this way for most of my life. The thought of never knowing why I was here was utterly depressing! I used many people and things to try and fill this longing, but nothing seemed to stick. In 2011, I stumbled across The Modern Mystery School healings and teachings and my life has never been the same. This work has helped me move past life traumas, but more importantly it has empowered me to be the captain of my ship. Now there is a lot of talk about “empowerment” out there, but what it means to me is total self-mastery. It means being brave and supported enough to really learn who you are and what your unique gifts are for this world!

Magick brought me to where I am today and my greatest wish is to bring Magick into your life as well. I would have never imagined that my life would look the way it does today 10 years ago… or even one year ago for that matter. Since I have been doing this work, my life has been constantly shifting and changing for the better. Today, I know joy in deeper ways than I ever thought possible. My dream is to help you release suffering and know joy in a whole new way too. I want to help you live up to your greatest potential and accomplish your dreams! You are worthy of a Magickal life!

I have a deep passion for working with all people, but particularly women and mothers. I find that the support that this energy can bring to women is immeasurable. Reclaiming the Goddess within not only brings balance and peace to your life, but to the whole world! My dream is to create a community of sisterhood here in the Portland area for women to be truly supported and empowered.

Matthew Koren

Matthew is a certified Guide, Teacher, Healer and Ritual Master affiliated with the The Modern Mystery School of the lineage of King Salomon. Matthew has been leading group workshops and coaching individuals since 2007 to find their inner light and express their divinity. He holds a Bachelor’s of Science in Psychology with a concentration in cross-cultural studies. He is a meta-physician and ceremonialist working to bring freedom, expression, and divinity to all humans.

Through his travels to China, Tibet, Thailand, Canada, New Zealand and other countries, he has had the opportunity to study with many lineage teachers and masters holding the keys to various healing and spiritual development modalities. He assimilates such diverse skills as meditation and mindfulness, shamanism and plant-based medicines, ancient mystery school initiations, and modern psychological science to support his clients’ unique spiritual development pathway.

Matthew now serves as a consultant and spiritual guide for his clients at Spirit in Transition. His professional work and philanthropy focuses on the cultivation of personal empowerment and community solutions to the world’s most pressing issues. 

He lives in Portland, OR with his partner Brandon.